Don’t confuse slumber with weariness. The latter is the result of endurance of good or evil. The former, at least insofar as it is often used in the Bible, usually refers to the avoidance of work. Paul tells the Church in Rome that the time has come for them to wake from their sleep. Salvation is near! I feel the slumber of the secularized Church in the West. I’m part of the problem. A renewed conviction of the glory of our salvation in Jesus Christ, like a trumpet piercing the silence of early morn, is needed. And this is what Paul exhorts as he writes the Roman Church in chapter 13. O Lord, rouse us from our slumber to serve the living God in the light of day! This sermon was preached by Clay Thompson at St Jude’s Anglican Church in Huntersville, NC on Sunday, October 20th, 2019.