They are the great cloud of witnesses (Heb 12:1); the saints throughout the ages who faithfully proclaimed Jesus Christ in the face of tribulation, persecution and martyrdom. Today you may consider them radicals who were brainwashed beyond the point of compromise and pity them as ignorant or misinformed. But the Church remembers them in honor even as they were honored by their Captain (see Acts 7:55; Rev 7:9-17). They understood what it meant to be sent as sheep among wolves. Their eyes were opened to hostility of the world to the Gospel and they considered it pure joy when reviled and falsely accused for Jesus’ sake. Today they rest under the care of the Good Shepherd. O, Lord, grant us so to follow their example and run the race marked out for us with steadfast faith! This sermon was preached by Clay Thompson at St Jude’s Anglican Church on the Feast of All Saints, 2019.