2/18 Romans 6:5-7:6 Sanctified in Christ

2/11 Romans 6:1-4 “in Christ”

2/3 Romans 5:12-21 Crown Him your champion

1/27 Romans 5:1-11 The love of God displayed

1/20 Romans 5:1-5 Peace with God through Jesus Christ

1/13 Romans 3:21-4:25 Justification by faith alone

1/6 Romans 3:9-26 Heavy laden by the law

12/16  Romans 1:18-2:29 Adrift in our rebellion

12/9  Snow day! A meditation on Romans 1:20&21

12/2  Romans 1:17 Gospel Righteousness vs. Human Goodness

10/28  Mark 10:46-52 He is calling you!

10/14 Acts 17: Paul at Athens (John Nerness)


St. Jude’s Mission’s Philosophy of Ministry

A Sower went out to sow…
When we think of church planting we see the image of a seed falling into the ground and slowly bringing forth a seedling, which when rooted in the right soil conditions grows from a sapling into a fruit bearing tree. Indeed the parable of the sower projects that image and allows our imagination to envision all the steps required for a sower to set out and sow seeds of faith that grow into mature disciples of Jesus Christ. These steps set forth the philosophy of ministry that will guide the mission and implement the vision for St Jude’s Mission.  


Prepare the Soil

Prayer and Incarnational ministry
The parable of the sower reveals that the seed which fell on fertile soil produced a crop of 100, 60 or 30 fold. Is it possible that we play a role in preparing soil for the seed of faith? We believe that we’re preparing the soil through prayer and relationships. 
St Jude’s Mission is committed to praying for the unchurched people that God places in our path. Our disciplined prayers, both daily and corporate, center on the lives and situations of people who do not believe and are unchurched or in some circumstances nominally churched. 

By Incarnational ministry we mean that we serve what we want to save. We invest very large blocks of time living among the various people groups that God has placed on our hearts. We work with them, eat with them and fellowship with them. Just as the incarnate Son of God became flesh and walked among us so we aim walk the Emmaus road with those who do not believe [Luke 24:13-35].


Cast the Seed

Particular evangelism
When the sower set out to sow he cast the seed upon the ground. This seed is the Word of God, the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Having tilled the soil in faith through prayer and relationships, we look for a season of receptivity to the seed of faith. This season is marked by conditions that seem favorable for the maturation of the seed. But as every farmer or sower knows, seed is cast in faith and hope! 

St Jude’s is excited about evangelism, particular evangelism. This means that we respond to opportunities for evangelism according to prayer and the relationships God has given us in homes, small groups and community groups. Evangelism in the home is a result of regularly opening our home for fellowship. Evangelism in small groups results from evangelistic Bible studies initiated through incarnational ministry in a particular subculture [two of these currently meet on a weekly basis]. Evangelism in the community will gather the relationships established throughout the community for a program such as Alpha or Christianity Explored.


Tend the Garden

It’s not so simple as to turn the dirt and cast the seed. The gardener must tend the garden and do his best to provide healthy conditions for growth, as much as it is in his power to do so, that the seed might to take root, mature and bear fruit.
Therefore St Jude’s Mission will experience a natural transition from mission to discipleship. Discipleship in this context includes training in and exposure to corporate Christian worship, personal worship (devotions), Christian service and the work of the Church. This transition will require flexibility, persistence, and perseverance as we move toward organized meetings and regular worship on the Lord’s Day. The most difficult aspect of this phase is the reality of life long discipleship that should only be measured with caution and grace according to the scriptures.


Bear Fruit in Faith

The vision of St Jude’s Mission is to become a community of believers zealous for God and the Great Commission. We want to glorify God and make disciples that make disciples. In such a fashion we hope, pray and work toward a return of 100, 60, and 30. And we pray that in His time, God would bless our desire to plant a new community of faith that shares the missional DNA of St Jude’s for the 130 million unchurched people in America.